WhatsApp Plus Apk Download Latest Version 6.25 For Android


WhatsApp Plus Apk Download: With more than 1 billion users across 180 countries, WhatsApp is the most downloaded app in today’s time. There is hardly anyone out there who doesn’t use WhatsApp irrespective of their age. From a teenager to a person in his nineties, everyone is on WhatsApp, and it is all because of the amazing and promising features of this multifunctional app. But do you know, WhatsApp Plus Apk has some advanced features than WhatsApp. Yes, it is and we will tell you exactly the same later in this articles. So just stay tuned.

WhatsApp Plus Apk Download Latest Version

WhatsApp Plus Apk Download
WhatsApp Plus Apk Download

WhatsApp an essential for a Smartphone:

WhatsApp has become a permanent feature of a smartphone. Earlier, making and receiving calls used to be the primary use of smartphones, but now, along with this, WhatsApp message has become an integral part of our communications. It is a great way to connect with our near and dear ones. In today’s time when everyone is busy in their lives and does not have time to meet or call anybody, WhatsApp helps them to stay connected. A simple forwarded message from your friends and family assures you that they are doing fine. It is a simple, reliable and secure way of messaging.

Over the years WhatsApp has really upgraded itself and has improvised on its features. It started with the simple phenomenon of sending and receiving messages but over the period of time, it added features like forming groups, free voice call, and free video calls. Not only you can chat or call you can share pictures, songs, voice messages through WhatsApp. Talking about groups it is a great way of bringing all your friends and family together virtually. These days everybody is not available at the same time, so it becomes really difficult for everyone to have regular get-togethers but WhatsApp makes sure that at least everyone stays in touch. WhatsApp has decreased the distances and has helped in bringing people closer. Now parents need to wait for festivals and holidays to see their children, they can regularly talk to them, see them and can get to know about everything they do the entire day. And the best part about WhatsApp is that to avail all these features you need not pay a single penny, all you need is a steady internet connection. And thanks to the changing dynamics of the telecom industry, these days we can get high-speed internet connection at almost no price, unlike previous times when we used to save our pocket money to get our phones recharged.

But someone has truly said, that it very difficult to satisfy a living being especially humans. No matter whatever we have, we always crave for something more and same is the case with WhatsApp. It has such amazing features but we always wonder if we can get some additional benefits as well. Knowing about this unsatisfying nature of human, we have got for you the better and modified version of WhatsApp, and that is WhatsApp plus apk. Having WhatsApp plus apk on your phone instead of regular WhatsApp, you are not restricted to use any of the features, in fact, there is the lot more to explore in this amazing app.

About WhatsApp plus apk

WhatsApp plus apk is the upgraded and modified replica of regular WhatsApp. It works exactly like WhatsApp but has some amazingly different features. The Spanish developer Rafale developed this app way back in 2012. And over the period of time, it is gaining more and more popularity. It is simple and convenient to use just like regular WhatsApp. It provides you various added advantages over WhatsApp, like better video quality, customization, privacy and many other such features, that we will be discussing further in this article. Till date, this app is available for Android user only. Also, Google has not featured this app in its play store and it needs to be downloaded from apk file.

WhatsApp Plus Latest Version Apk Info

RequiredAndroid 2.2 +
App Size35 MB
Last Updated7 Feb 2018


Here in this article, we will be providing you the complete guide of how to download and install this multifunctional app.

  • Go to the privacy settings
    In order to download this app, first of all, you need to go to the security settings of your phone.
  • Enable the unknown sources
    Now, enable the unknown sources if you wish to install this application. The location of unknown sources may have different location according to the model and specifications of the phone.

  • Download the whatsapp plus apk file
    Now as you have enabled the option of unknown sources, click on the following link and start downloading the file.
  • Open the file
    As soon as the downloading gets the complete click on the file and open the same. (Downloading the file may take some time)
WhatsApp Plus Apk Download Latest Version
WhatsApp Plus Apk Download Latest Version
  • Install the whatsapp plus app
    Once you will click on the file to open it, it will show a dialog box that will seek your permission before installing the app. All you need to do is to click on the install button.
WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest Download
WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest Download

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk

  • Verify the number
    Once the installation will complete, open the app and it will ask you to verify and register your number. It follows the same process as regular WhatsApp.
WhatsApp Plus Apk Download For Android
WhatsApp Plus Apk Download For Android

WhatsApp Plus Latest Version For Android

WhatsApp Plus Latest Apk For Android
WhatsApp Plus Latest Apk For Android
  • Use the app
    Congratulations, you have successfully installed the app and now just enjoy the outstanding features of WhatsApp plus apk.
    Please ensure to uninstall the regular version of WhatsApp before downloading this modified WhatsApp plus apk. Also please take a note that you can only download this app if you have android 4.0 or higher than that. Any lower version will not support the file.

Features of WhatsApp plus apk latest version:

Now though you have installed this application on your phone, have a look at some amazing features of WhatsApp plus apk before you start using the same.

  • It offers various options for customizing the app. You can use various themes on your WhatsApp, unlike regular WhatsApp where you can change the wallpapers. Here you will be able to change the entire settings and look for your WhatsApp plus.
  • Not only it offers you the option of customizing the look of your WhatsApp plus but it also allows to share your favorite theme with your friends and family.
  • You loved the privacy feature of WhatsApp when it allowed you to hide the read receipts of the messages you receive, to make the addition in your happiness WhatsApp plus has come up with some advanced privacy features where you can hide delivery report as well. Now along with the blue tick, you can easily hide the second delivery tick as well.
  • In emails you get to use a feature where you set your mailbox at auto-reply mode through which any email received will get an automatic reply. Now you can do the same thing with WhatsApp plus as well, you can set your WhatsApp plus on auto mode reply till the time you are not available.
  • Forgot to reply back to the message you read an hour ago but couldn’t reply because you were busy or forgot to make a call to the important client. Now you need not worry about all these things WhatsApp plus will do everything for you, you just need to schedule the same and it will remind you.
  • With the help of WhatsApp plus, you can easily send heavy files to your friends. Also, you can send multiple photos at a time.
    WhatsApp plus offers you the increased character limit on your status. You can put your status for as long as 255 characters.
  • Want to put special status for someone special but don’t want everyone else to see it. Now with WhatsApp plus even this is possible, you can put personalized status for any specific contact and others will not be able to see the same.
  • WhatsApp Plus is regularly updated, a normal update comes within a month.
  • Before uninstalling the app you can take back of your favorite conversations that you want to keep with you forever.
  • You can make video and audio calls with this app the same way you used to make on regular WhatsApp. However, the video and audio quality is much better on WhatsApp plus as compared to regular WhatsApp.

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After knowing its amazing additional features aren’t you excited about WhatsApp plus apk? Over the period of time, WhatsApp plus is getting more and more popular. Another plus point of the app is that it works well on unrooted devices as well. Having an app which has all the features of your favorite app along with many additional features is everything one can ask for. You can enjoy and use this app without worrying about the safety and security of your phone and its contacts. The developer of this app ensures that there is no breach of security while using this amazing app.
So now without wasting any time just download the Whatsapp plus apk and enjoy its limitless amazing features.


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